When someone is introduced to the story with their name, I'll put their pic and description up here.


Isaac(23)(Commander), or commander, is the leader of the mafia in Ny city. He's very trigger happy and apparantly has a past with the leader of the Redblades (a new rival gang)


Z(17)(Intel) is one of Isaac's commanders. He's the newest addition to the higher ranks (since the last had an 'accident'), and is a genius when it comes to stats and numbers.


Rob(27)(Strategist) is the main strategist (the other being Isaac himself,) and excells at tactics. He loves to smoke cigars and one day hopes to influence all the children of the world to smoke too; through this webcomic. He doesn't talk very much, which leaves more room for listening.


Amy(24) just graduated college. She works a few odd end jobs, trying to save enough money to move to europe. She plans to pursue a career in art and literature there. So basically, she's stuck in a bar, mopping the floors, for 8.00 an hour. She likes to talk to people in coffee shops randomly. That's how she met Isaac.


Logan(25)(Commander) is commander of the redblades. He apparantly knows Isaac, but isn't telling why. In the recent fire, he got half his face covered in 1st degree burns which he promplty ignores. He's trying to overthrow the Mafia in New York, and seems to be succeeding. He also owns a chain of stores (A-marts). Their main purpose is to create more money from stolen.


Drake(19)(Strategy) is Logan's second. Not much is known about him.


Harry(28)(Tech) is the Redblade's tech man. He hacks into all kinds of bases and is responsible for 30% of their income. Mostly through banking frauds.


Josh(19)(Wpn/Spply) is the weapons/suplies general. He worries a lot and doesn't have a lot of self-confidence. That's why he chose the Weapons/supplies post.


Jarod(29)(Tech) is one of the oldest people in the NY Mafia. That's quite an accomplishment. He was the co-founder of it and is Isaacs 2nd and oldest friend. Recently, he developed an ulcer and was hospitilized.


Mike(27) is a freelance assasin. He owns a bar where Amy used to work until she found out about his night job. He has recently taken a contract out on Isaac, and derailing trains won't stop him.