Frequently Asked Questions--

...Okay, maybe no one asks me questions. But if they did, these would be the frequent ones...

Q: Why do some of your drawings say 'Blonde Emo' as a signature?

A: Because that's my other username. You'll notice, in my avatar, it says 'Blonde Emo' to avoid confusion. But Pwii and Blonde Emo are the same person.

Q: Why are you called Blonde Emo? Are you suicidal or something?

A: Hah. Heh. No. I got the nickname in two events:

1) I was wearing a leather jacket, playing a game online in which you kill ghosts, when one of my friends came in and saw me. She called my a blonde emo, and it stuck ever since.

2) One time, I was in a play, and I was supposed to be asian. So, I tried to die my hair black, except in a weird turn of events, it came out silvery-purple. I am NOT kidding. In some lights, it looked purple. In others, silver.

And no, I do not cut myself.

Q: When do you update?

A: Whenever I finish the chapter I'm working on. It usually takes me about two and a half weeks. Then I update as fast as I can.

Q: What do you use to draw?

A: I use a blunt pencil for penciling. Then I use a G-pilot 1.0 for panel lines, Ultra-thin sharpie for most lines, and a G-pilot 0.5 for mini lines. Other stuff includes, colored pencils, a black COPIC marker for fill-ins, and a white-out pen.