--WARNING If you read this, you will spoil the chapter that just came out. Seriously, I reccomend you read it, rather than just hearing what happened.

Ch1--La Muerte

Isaac is commander of the NY Mafia. Unfortunatly, there's a new gang in town: The Redblades. He finds that they have a chain of stores, and goes to check one out, along with two of his generals. While sitting in a coffe shop, he gets distracted by a random woman who just won't leave. Then she screams 'duck!' and he just manages to save both their lives from a Redblade Car, but his two generals are captured.


Isaac finds out where his generals where taken, and goes on a solo mission to get them back. While surveying the warehouse, he meets the women from yesterday (Amy). She guesses his plans, but just as he's about to kill her, she declares that he's just a Hero, trying to take down the Mafia. So Then he infaltrates the base, just managing to make it to the prison room, when he runs into Logan (The Redblade commander). Along with half his forces. Logan announces that the two commanders had a past, while Isaac denies it completely. He then finds that his comrades are outside on the pier. Using two gernades as a distraction, he jumps out the window and rescues them.

Ch3--Shinu Made

Logan decides it's time for action, and through a spy, takes all the Mafia bases by storm. He kills all who don't start working for him. So Isaac and his two generals are supposedly the only NY Mafia left. He goes to tell them this, with 20 sticks of TNT under his shirt for protection. He offers them all a job, but Isaac tells him to...uh..well, I better keep this PG. Anyways, the remnatnt of the NY Mafia goes to Amy, who's just finishing her job, to ask for a favor...

Ch4--Du Ableben

After getting some sleep at Amy's (NOT WITH HER!!!), Isaac and Co. Go to the hospital where Jarod was recuperating from an ulcer. After a confrontation with the idiot desk man, they split up and search. But an assasin on the Redblade's payroll shows up and tries to kill Jarod. Jarod slams him up against a wall with his IV cane and then Z shows up and blows the would-be-assasin's brains out. They all ditch. Later that night, Amy expects them to show up again, but is disapointed. Logan hires a new mercenary to kill Isaac.

Ch5--Cai Chet

It turns out, Amy's boss is a hitman. Yesterday, when Isaac came to ask Amy for help, he saw him and suspected Amy of taking him home. Then in the present day, he got a hit on him. He went to Amy's appartment and found out Isaac did come home with her. He assumes her dead for two seconds until he sees her. On his way to a contact, he meets Isaac by chance in the subway. Isaac recognizes him from somewhere, but waits suspiciously. The hitman then hacks into the subway mainframe and causes another train to hit their car just after he jumped off.


The mysterious assasin blows up the wrecked train car just to be sure of Isaac and Co's deaths. He then calls the Redblades to inform them he already took his fee at half price as a sort of a compromise for not killing himself to tie up lose ends. Meanwhile, Isaac and Co. found out about the assasin's plan, and managed to jump to the next car just in time. Then they the subway train to find that the Redblades have sent a message via CBS. 'The NY Mafia Is Dead'. Amy also see's this on TV, and is crushed. Now, Jarod traces the system to find the Redblades hideout, and now they go to assasinate Logan.


Logan is very suspicous of Isaac and co. still being alive, so to relax he gives Drake a history lesson. A grunt comes in with a tray of food, but Logan had given strict orders not to be fed anything (because it's the most probable time for poisoning if Isaac survivied), and so he shoots him. It is then revealed that it was poison, and so NY's mafia tries a different strategy. When Jarod is trying to cut their communications, he is confronted by Harry. In a sort of stalemate, Harry implies that something else may have gone on between Isaac and Logan when Logan found them earlier. Meanwhile, Isaac confronts Logan, demanding to know if Logan was just messing with him, or if he has amnesia. He is given one word: Sistene. Then, because Logan's men have arrived, he arranges for Rob to blow out the Northwest corner of the building with a hijacked construction machine. This helps them escape.


After the raid, the NY mafia decide to head back to Amy's, where Isaac gets glomped. Amy thought he was dead thanks to Logan's message, but she still believes it's just a cover. Amy then recieves a call in the middle of the night from her boss, Mike. This reminds Isaac that Mike is actually the assasin that caused the train wreck in chapter 5. So when Mike comes and blows up Amy's appartment, they aren't there. Except for Isaac, who had to run back to get Z's maps and intel on The Redblades he manages a janitor disguise and escapes. They then go to a hotel and call Mike, telling him that if he doesn't come, his reputation as an assasin is shot, forcing him to walk into a trap...


A mysterious man pseudonymed "Chuck" shows up at the Redblades door. He wants the empty position of the intel general. Logan agrees, but only if he can kill Mike, the assasin that failed. Meanwhile, Mike goes into the hotel. After evading traps up to the Mafia's room, he gets shot in his stomach. He barricades himself inside the room and tries to activate a code that will release a poison gas bomb within the hotel. Jarod shows up with a gun, though, and shoots him. Problem is, he gets punched in the stomach too, where his ulcer just began to heal. So just when he is about to stop the code with his technological skills, he falls unconsious. The mafia has 59 seconds to either escape, or hack into the codex and stop the code from being sent.